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Ignite Your Relationship

Keeping the romance alive in a relationship is difficult for all couples. Whether you’ve been together five years or twenty it becomes increasingly more difficult to take the time to nurture your relationship. We tend to everything in our lives – our kids, our jobs, our friendships, and our hobbies. We often forget our intimate relationships need attention as well.

FlutterBox keeps the magic in your relationship alive by sending you a pre-planned date once a month.

When couples receive their FlutterBox, they’ll be receiving a complete date night package sure to see the butterflies return once again.

Enclosed within each FlutterBox will be two envelopes and a small package.

The envelopes will contain instructions for each partner to perform while on their date. These can range from small acts of kindness such as having to give three sincere compliments throughout the evening, to larger declarations of love like slow dancing in the middle of your local park.

The package will include the plans for your date, with the option of going with a seasonal package (i.e. a special Valentine’s Day or a Mardi Gras theme for the spring)

  • The Flutter Box gave my husband and I an enchanting experience. Thanks!

    - Victoria L

  • With two small children, quality dates were hard to materialize. Then the flutter box came.

    - Shannon R

  • Two words, SUPERB BOX!

    - Anthony S


We deliver a mystery date to your front door.

Order The Flutter Box Online

Order the Box

Order your Flutter Box subscription through our easy online order form.

Order The Flutter Box Online

Get The Box

Once a month, your date will be custom planned and delivered to your front door.

Order The Flutter Box Online

Open the Box

Get butterflies as you discover the details of your custom planned mystery date.

Order The Flutter Box Online

Enjoy Your Date

Have fun, wether its tickets to the improv and/or vouchers for food and drink, etc.


Which one is perfect for you?

The Spark
  • An ideal Date Box for the couple looking for an outing with a quick bite to eat, a latte at Denver's best coffee shop or an evening experience to make lasting memories. The Spark Box is for you.

$ 60 /mo.
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On Fire
  • Chances are, with fire, we will eventually send you on your fantasy dream date. Rose petals and candles following an enchanting date experience. This box is for those seeking memories that will be cherished forever.

$ 130 /mo.
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