Introducing the Flutter Box

Relationships need work. After experiencing the pitfalls that often accompany several years of marriage – as well as having three daughters – CEO Isaac Sandoval and his wife decided not to fall prey to routine. Flutter Box is a service that assists couples – of all ages and persuasions – in finding the spark often lost due to years of routine.


Each month, couples will receive a package from Flutter Box – the contents of which will be a personalized Date Night. Inside The Flutter Box will be instructions for each partner, dinner vouchers for local, participating restaurants, and even tickets to local venues.


“After a few years of marriage and three young daughters, my wife and I found it difficult to plan a special evening for ourselves,” says Isaac Sandoval, CEO and creator of The Flutter Box, “And one day I thought there should be something out there to take all the planning and pressure off of trying to come up with something new every month. This is how The Flutter Box came to be.”


The Flutter Box is sure to gain momentum and popularity in the Denver area in the coming months.